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 Proposed Apostolic Christian Way of Living in the End Time

Who are we? 

ARK Community is not a church organization but it is a small group of committed Christians who share the same faith, goals and aspirations to live (in their own homes) close to one another in love, joy, peace, unity and harmony. They also want to live according to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ until His Return in glory.  

We are completely aware of the very difficult and perilous time that we are living in, but we are not a doomsday survivalist group.  We do believe in complete reliance on God’s protection and provision for our daily living based on the principle of self-sufficiency by growing our own food, raising our own cattle, sheep, horses, chicken and fish in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Bible.


What do we do?

ARK International is an architectural design, building and development company that is incorporated in the State of Texas. We encourage residents to plan, design and build the most functional and cost-effective homes, using modern technology in renewable power and energy for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electricity, plumbing, sanitation and other essential elements in their buildings. 

We also encourage our folks to work on community projects that will generate income for every household. If they so choose they can also gainfully work outside the community in nearby cities and towns (only 10 miles from the ARK Community).

 Where are we?

God placed the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden where four rivers flowed. (Gen. 2:8-14)  The early pioneers came to an area where two rivers and a creek flowed, and they called it Washington-on-the-Brazos - the Birthplace of Texas.  This is the location of the Ark Community in Texas.

The Holy Bible states, “If the LORD delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land which flows with milk and honey.” (Num. 14:8)

Our property is located in Washington-on-the-Brazos in Washington County, Texas, “a land which flows with milk and honey”. We are right in the heart of the Texas dairy country and also where honey is produced by the local folks as a home-based industry. In early Spring you can see the Texas state flower bluebonnet blooming in the fields as you drive on the highways. Our location is about 80 miles north of Houston, about 30 miles south of Texas A & M University in College Station, 8 miles west of Navasota and 20 miles east of Brenham. 

We are located beyond the Hurricane Safety Line which is the minimum distance of 100 miles from the Gulf Coast that is prescribed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) that operates hurricane shelters in Huntsville, College Station and Brenham.  This area has not been affected by previous hurricanes such as Rita and Ike.  Many Houstonians have purchased land in this area and some have even settled down here.


What is our climate?


The climate in this area is classified as humid sub-tropical with hot summers. Average annual temperature is 68 degrees with average humidity at 71%. Winters are mild, with short spells of cold weather, lasting two to three days. Occasionally, the temperature can drop as much as 30 degrees in one hour; these are caused by polar Canadian air currents.  Snow is rare. Spring weather is variable with many thunderstorms. Summer is essentially invariable, with an average maximum temperature of 92 degrees and high humidity (Folks, it gets hot and stays hot).


How  does  our  Community  look  like?

This is cow country where dairy produce is one of the main industries. The picture shown above is not our property but is one of ranches that is only about ten minutes drive from the ARK Community.  

The picture on the left shows part of our twenty acre ranch property which is on both sides of the fence. This Texas Longhorn belongs to our neighbor with whom we have mutual agreement for his cattle to graze on our land in exchange for his services.

The picture below shows the Star of the Republic Museum located on the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historical Park which is only about seven minutes drive from our ARK Community.



This land is part of a beautiful and choice twenty acre ranch property that is located near Washington on the Brazos, the historic birthplace of Texas. It is accessible by fully paved County roads. The property is completely fenced on four sides.  Please note that the actual land has small trees and brushes that needed to be cleared.

One and a half acre of the land will be dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ for worship, fellowship and common facilities. We propose to sub-divide the land into one and a half acre lots that can be owned by individuals who will have direct access from the County Road. Utilities such as electricity, telephone and gas (propane) are available but they have to be applied for connections from the Utility companies. Water wells, septic tanks, sewer lines and fences will be built and installed at owners' expenses. The Land will be sold without underground mineral rights at slightly below the market prices in that area. The cost of land survey, title transfer, state tax and land conversion (trees removal) will be added to the total cost.


This existing trailer house has a porch. Its interior living space has a couch, a hinged table, and a kitchenette. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed. There is a shower stall and a toilet that is connected to a septic system.

Utilities such as piped water, electricity, propane gas, telepbone are available. A TV antenna is also provided.

The previous owner, who is a Houston geological engineer, wanted to test the survivability of this place, stayed and worked from this trailer house for three months. He used his portable lap-top computer and communicated with his office in Houston through the Internet. 



Raising cattle was profitable. A calf that costs about $200.00 could fetch nearly nine times that amount in nine months.

The engineer planted a vegetable garden and practically lived on the land. Self-sufficiency in this place is not only a possibility but can also be a way of life.

Since a person had lived and survived here for a period of time, therefore a small community of Bible-believing, loving and Godly Christians that have one heart, mind and soul should also be able to do the same. All of them must have the same true faith and willingness to share with one another (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32).

Everyone in the community must contribute his or her God-given resources, talents and ability for the common good.






We are blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ with plenty of water in our property and also very close by. On an adjacent 10 acre property that was purchased in 1987 there is a fish pond that needs lining for water retention. This pond may be used by the ARK Community. A creek runs along the boundary close to this pond. There is also a larger creek that is about five minutes walk from the above twenty acre property.





This pond is inside the 10 acre property that is about five minutes walk from the Ark Community. This photograph shows the pond when the water level is low due to seepage and evaporation. The pond needs a lining at the bottom to retain the water.



This photograph shows the pond when the water level is high. One of the uses of the pond is to stock and raise fish for food consumption. A man in Pearland, Texas told me that in his pond which is about a quarter the size of this one he could raise fish that can feed about thirty families everyday. This is truly encouraging. 

Praise and thank God Coles Creek with fresh water is public domain and is available to the ARK Community. It runs across Pickens Road and is about five minutes walk from our twenty acre property. 

This is Cole Creek which is public domain, and is only five minutes walk from the ARK Community. During the rainy season this creek can be really wide and deep. It can certainly be used for water baptism.


This creek runs along one of the boundaries of the ten acre property. The water from this creek can be pumped into the pond that is close by. The filtered or distilled water from this creek is potable for domestic use.


ARK Community in Texas can only exist when all the residents are in one accord and have the same faith, aims, purposes and aspirations. These requirements are essential for the community to function properly and become successful. Please review our basic tenets of faith before making decision to join the ARK Community in Texas.


What  do  we  believe?


1.        There is Only One True God who manifested Himself as the Father (Creator), Son (Savior) and Holy Spirit (Comforter).

2.      Salvation is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, His death and atonement for our sins by the shedding of His blood on the cross, His burial and resurrection on the third day.

3.        Baptism is for the remission of sin and is administered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by full immersion in the living water with His precious blood, and in the likeness of His death with head bowed.

4.     Baptism of the Holy Spirit has the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.  The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven.

5.        Holy Communion is to commemorate the death of the Lord Jesus Christ by partaking of His flesh (spiritual) and blood (spiritual) in using one unleavened bread and grape juice.

6.    Washing of Feet is to have a part with the Lord Jesus Christ. It teaches mutual love, holiness, humility, service and forgiveness.

7.    Obey and keep all the Ten Commandments including worshiping God in Spirit and truth on the Seventh Day Sabbath (Saturday). Maintain a pure and holy life.


Who  are  we  looking  for

to  join  the  ARK  Community?


In this community we are constantly looking for people with strong and moral Christian character who believe in the above-written basic truths.  They must be peace-loving, co-operative and hardworking.


They must have the financial capability to purchase at least one and half acres of farm land and build homes for their families.   Bank loans are available in Texas.  There are also free U.S. government grants to make it possible for them to own the property without paying back. 


Click here:  Where to Find Government Grants for Farms



Any good Christian having special knowledge and skill that will be helpful to the ARK Community will be an asset and a plus for us. We require good references from several reliable Christian sources.  





Not many people agree with our conceptual vision of living in a community.  The reason you are reading this article is because our Lord Jesus Christ may have given you the opportunity to help us build the ARK Community.  This Christian Community can only sustain a limited number of people. You may be the person whom our Lord Jesus Christ wants to be a part of the ARK Community. If you feel led by the Holy Spirit to come and join the ARK Community please continue to pray earnestly over this matter and get in touch with me at your earliest convenience.


Paul Wong is a Christian minister and the President of ARK International.
His ministry also serves as an architectural service company in Houston.
The ARK Forum on the Internet is international and non-denominational.


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